ZooRad+ Digital Platform

I’ve been very pleased to watch Zoorad growing. Like a little child giving his first steps that quickly becomes a great runner. Zoorad appeared in Portugal with an innovating project and of extremely usefulness. The maximization of radiological unformations allowed me to diagnose earlier and quicker. I keep asking Zoorad help in many cases and they have always been extremely helpful. Keep being as you always have been…

An example! Thank you.

Dr Daniel Marreiros Simões - Clínica Veterinária dos Olivais


Radiological imaging has always helped the veterinary doctor on the diagnosis and the evolution’s evaluation of certain sort of pathologies.

Counting on with a study even more advanced and detailed helps the practician, the animal and his owner, because being more accurate, we can establish the diagnostic in a more fast and effective way.

With all the gathered data from the radiodignostic images, we are also contributing to the produce more knowledge as we are giving our contribution to medical research.

I recommend this service because by using it we improve the practice and help more and in a better way who seeks our services.

Dr. João Silva - Animabilis Veterinários                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Radiological examination is done in almost all veterinary clinics and hospitals in our country.

The big question is about interpretation. Thanks to ZooRad +, we have a team that can validate results, clarify in cases of doubts and now with lung mapping, we can proceed with more certainties regarding the suspicion of metastases, nodules.

It is our responsibility as veterinarians to disclose this new service in order to have radiographies with reliable means of diagnosis, especially when the owners do not have the money to advance to CT or MRI.

Drª Ana Cardoso - Cliníca Veterinária "Mostrar Carinho"