ZooRad+ Digital Platform


Vet Imaging and Research

Give a new life to your radiographies and ecographies. Using imagiological and advanced biomedical techniques, we extract from the images information invisible to human eyes. Quantitative information extraction from digital images will provide indicators that will enrich your studies.



From the the microscopic cell to the living being study, we offer a wide set of analysis solutions for biological and biomedical data: counting methods, segmentation, co-registration, fluorescence, 3D imaging, tracking, texture analysis, measurement and quantification, among other.


Imaging and Tecnology

Protocol design - An accurate imagiological analysis depends strongly on the acquisition protocol in use. Aiming to obtain the best images, we provide the service of dedicated professionals to elaborate acquisition protocols.
Digital archive – We know how your data are important to you, so we are available to save and archive your data making a data storage and backup copies.



Is a new field of knowloedge that develops informatic tools for understanding biological data. We cross important information between imaging and biochemistry data to discover new biomarkers.